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Spring time is for suckers
March 19, 2015, 12:10 pm
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My first idea for a new writing project was to write about my observations on life through the cynical and silly lens that some of you people seem to enjoy, and maybe I’ll do some of that.

My second idea was to write about the things that I hate, which is a subtle but intentional difference, but it seems so exhausting, I will definitely be doing some of that.

My third idea, and the one that we’re rolling with, was to just start writing, and that’s what we’re doing now.

I’ve been wanting to write the autobiography about growing up that everyone tells me I should have done by now, but it’s so heavy that the only way to digest this will be in pieces, so that’s also what this is for; digestion.

Sometimes I want to write angry or satirical pieces on life and things, so that too.

People tell me they like my writing because it is honest and raw, but it requires me to carve out pieces of myself and I’m not sure how much is left. I think maybe I will grow resilient with the telling or perhaps diminish as I feed the universe my pieces. Time will tell.

So, we might as well begin….


A year ago I took a selfie on a friend’s porch while holding their dog, a friendly but nervous Chug named Howard.


lady killers

I have since drunkenly demanded that I inherit this pup if anything should happen to his owners, something that I have never done for any of my six nieces or nephews. I have also added at least four inches to my beard, six inches to my hair, and thirty pounds to my waistline.Howard has a website now of people holding him that I partially inspired. Things are always changing.

I was feeling positive last year, having recently made a bunch of changes. I had just quit a shitty job, started a new shitty job, thought maybe I might meet someone new this year (it happened, which will definitely come up later). I did my best, got a lot done, and still ended the year sick and heavy again, exhausted and bitter. The sun revolves, the patterns shift, the details exchange themselves, and I remain; full of thistles and sunbeams, whiskey and potential.

I initially created this blog when I was happy and living with someone who I thought I might spend the rest of my life with, working out six days a week, healthy sex life, but absolutely no freedom to become who I was destined to be. That was five years ago. Now there is only another first day of spring, the cacophony of positivity that is my Facebook feed makes me want to take forks into my eyes, and I have exactly three hours to put enough of my mask together to survive another shift at my day job without letting too much of the fire or water to leak out of my skull.

Welcome to Life with Mikey, it’s probably not going to be okay.